Monday, 12 March 2012

Sharad Kelkar Replaces Mohnish Bahl… But Why Did He Leave…?


Mohnish Bahl & Sharad Kelkar

After Mohnish Bahl left the show, there were a lot of buzz about who will replace him as Dr. Ashutosh in the show. A number of names, including Anuj Saxena, Cezanne Khan, and Sharad Kelkar were discussed, but finally Sharad Kelkar was finalised to play the crucial role. In fact in the latest episode of the show Sharad has been shown as Dr. Ashutosh.

Now that one of the leads in the story has been replaced, it’ll be very interesting to see how the audience takes this change over the time. Initially however, as expected, the audience is feeling heart-broken about the replacement. KTLK’s writer, Kamlesh Pandey says “Exits and replacement are done things in daily soaps, both internationally and in India. It’s the story that drives the show and not actors. They bring their talent though they are visible part of the show”. Weather Kamlesh thinks the right way or not, only time can tell; but one must admit, the way Mohnish Bahl acted, the viewers, especially the serious ones, related themselves to him. They had discovered a real-life character in Dr. Ashutosh, and in real life, the whole personality of a person can not change like this.

Now coming to another point of discussion, which has also gathered a lot attention of the entertainment media, Why did Mohnish Bahl left the serial..?Mohnish Bahl is a renowned actor who has balanced his acting career between movies and daily soaps. He is not at all known for leaving a show mid-way. Then why did he do that..? Some say that there was a rift between the creative team of the show and him, while some others say that he was not comfortable shooting with Kritika Kamara. He himself and the channel says, his back pain was the only reason. However according to some media sources, his back pain was indeed a reason, but not the only reason. A number of factors led to the channel and Mr. Bahl arriving at a unanimous decision that Mr. Bahl will no longer work for the serial.

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