Saturday, 3 March 2012

A SHOCKER: Mohnish Bahl Quits KTLK…


Mohnish Bahl as Dr Ashutosh

After a good news that KTLK will continue at its present time slot of 8 PM, here comes a bad news, in fact an utterly bad one for some. Actor Mohnish Bahl who is playing Dr. Ashutosh in the serial has left the serial. He and the Sony Channel have regarded his Back Pain as the reason. According to Sony TV’s Business Head Ms. Sneha Rajani, Mohnish’s doctors advised him to take rest, and in that case he would not be able to give his all to the show, show they agreed that Mohnish will quit.

But this is only what’s being officially said by the channel and Monish himself. Fact of the moment is that there is a buzz in the media that Mohnish quit the show because he was not very comfortable shooting with Kritika Kamara (Nidhi Verma in the serial). Well there seems to be some point in this, because many times earlier we have seen that in a number of scenes Mohnish Bahl and Kritika Kamara appeared in different frames.

Well now whatever the reason was, the story writers had to fit his exit in the story in such a way that the viewers don’t feel very unpleasant and, if possible, a new twist is brought in the story. For this Dr. Ashutosh had to die. Yes! believe me the central character of the story has died (may be temporarily, I mean he might be brought back with a plastic surgery or something like that.). But the biggest question is will the new actor who will don the hat of Dr Ashutosh be able get the support from the viewers ? Lets just wait & watch…

That's all for now ! But stay in touch. I’ll be posting even more interesting buzz & trivia about the show.