Thursday, 3 January 2013

Charm Returns In KTLK…

Dr Aditi
It seems like KTLK’s (Kuch Toh Log Kahenge’s) writers do a better job in winters. Last year, during this time of the year (November, December and January), the focus of the story was the budding romance between Dr Ashutosh and Dr Nidhi in the hospital setting, highlighting the bubbly character of Dr Nidhi (and Rohan), and thus making watching the serial a very gripping and enjoyable experience (at least for me). Though the serial continued to be very interesting during the 2012 summer, but Nidhi’s charming face was something that all of us badly missed. But no longer. With the onset of winter, the plot of the story has returned to the hospital backdrop and our very charming and bubbly Dr Nidhi is also back, and this time with a mischievous touch. Further, to make the sequence even more gripping, just as last year, we have two new characters (rather cameos), Aditi (played by Sheena Bajaj) and Dr Dubey (played by Abhay Bhargav).
So as the serial is getting more and more enjoyable, don’t forget to watch it Mon-Fri at 11 PM and 12:30 PM (repeat telecast) on SET India. You can also watch full episodes on VideoChaska. Also, keep checking this blog for latest updates on the show.

Friday, 30 November 2012

KTLK Stars Shoot For KBC…

Dr Nidhi and Dr Ashutosh
There is some great news for all Kuch Toh Log Kahenge fans out there (in fact it’s a good news for Bade Achche Lagte Hain fans as well, for that matter). The stars of the two of Sony’s top shows have just shot for a special episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati with the legend of the film industry, Amitabh Bachchan. According to an article just published in the entertainment section of the TOI website, Kritika Kamra, Sharad Kelkar, Ram Kapoor, Sakshi Tanwar, Amrita Chatterjee aka Pihu and Sneha Rajani, business head of SET India shot for the special episode of the game show today. According to the same article, Kritika Kamra will be seen in an Anarkali dress during the show. Here are the clippings of Kritika’s and Sharad’s tweet before they appeared before Amitabh Bachchan.
Kritika Kamra's Tweet
Sharad Kelkar's Tweet
This special KBC episode will be aired in the coming weeks. Hope you all will enjoy it. And also, keep watching KTLK, and don’t forget to check this place for the latest buzz about the show.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Will Khushi Agree To Live With Angi & Ranganath

Khushi With Anji

The last two episodes of Kuch Toh Log Kahenge have been quite emotional. Nidhi’s closest friend Anji was diagnosed to have a tumour due to which she suffered a miscarriage and chances of her reconceiving are very rare. This news completely shattered not only the expecting parents, Dr Ranganath and Anji, but the entire family and even her best friend Nidhi’s family. Now when everyone is upset, Nidhi and Dr Ashutosh have found a ray of hope in the form of Khushi, the girl who has been living with them for quite some time. Nidhi and Ashutosh want Anji and Ranganath to adopt Khushi. But Khushi seems to be upset with this proposal. And if a TV9 report is to be believed, Khushi again runs away from Ashutosh and Nidhi’s home after all the family members try to persuade her to live with Anji and Ranganath. So keep watching KTLK to see if Khushi agrees to live with Anji and Ranganath and also keep checking this blog for latest updates on the serial.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Will Ashutosh and Nidhi Adopt Khushi…?

Khushi With Her Grandma

When Kuch Toh Log Kahenge started almost a year ago (3rd October 2011), it was a show about how a young intern at a hospital, who has just completed her M.B.B.S from a college, falls in love with a very stern and the senior most doctor of the hospital. It was many times referred to as the remake of the famous Pakistani TV Sitcom Dhoop Kinare. But if you watch the show today, you perhaps won’t believe that the concept of the show is borrowed from the veteran Pakistani show. Its no longer about two people with a substantial age gap, falling in love with each other. Rather, now its perhaps about how they manage their duties and responsibilities, both at home and at work, despite their age (rather generation) gap. In a recent episode of KTLK we saw, Nidhi talks to Ashutosh about legally adopting Khushi (the young girl who has been with them for quite a few days). Ashutosh then responds by saying that they should carefully think about every aspect before taking any such decision as Nidhi might need to sacrifice her career if they decide to take the responsibility of a child. Now this is an obvious problem that almost every couple with a substantial age gap faces.(By the way, this underlines how realistic the serial is ?). Nidhi on one hand is young and wants to concentrate on her professional goals, while Ashutosh has achieved all the heights in his life and this perhaps is the most appropriate time for him to have children.

Now it’ll be really very interesting to see what decision the couple takes; and if they adopt Khushi, how they (especially Nidhi) manage their responsibilities and duties. So Keep watching KTLK.  

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Couldn’t Ashutosh and Nidhi Adopt Khushi…?

Khushi (KTLK)

Dr Ashutosh and Nidhi were quite happy with keeping a little girl “Khushi”, but since the police couldn’t find her parents, she was sent to an orphanage and Ashutosh and Nidhi were deprived of the privilege of raising the girl. When Khushi was taken away from them by the authorities, they were missing her badly. Now an obvious question that comes to a viewer’s mind is couldn’t they adopt the girl to raise her legally ? In the story Nidhi had to talk to the Chief Minister of the state(whom the doctor couple had operated to save his life) to take the custody of the girl till the time the police finds her parents. Well isn’t it strange ? I’m not a lawyer, but as far as I know about the law of our country, as I’ve mentioned earlier, they could have also legally adopted the girl.

Well whatever, Khushi is now with AshNi and it’ll be very interesting to see how well the couple takes care of her, especially when she has already once annoyed Nidhi by her mischiefs. According to the media-buzz, now its Ashutosh’s turn to get upset with Khushi. In the coming episodes, Ashutosh and Nidhi will call Dadi bua to celebrate Navratri, but Khushi will annoy Dadi bua with her antics. Nidhi and Ashutosh will even try to stop her, but being a child she won’t listen to anyone.    

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Mallika Exposed, What Next In KTLK…?

Nidhi Exposed Mallika

Mallika had long been enjoying living in Dr Ashutosh’s house as his best friend and that too under the nose of his beloved wife Nidhi in the pretext of being mentally ill ! But its all over now. Our Dr Nidhi is once again as happy, as cheerful and as bubbly as she used to be. In a thrilling episode of KTLK, that no KTLK fan could afford to miss (still if you missed, you can watch it here), Nidhi herself exposed Dr Mallika’s ill wills. Mallika had added poison in Nidhi’s food and fortunately enough for Nidhi, Anji called her on her phone just before she was about to eat that poisonous food and informed her that Mallika had ordered Sleeping pills from a medical store without providing any prescription. And when Nidhi searched for the pills in Mallika’s room, she found an empty bottle (of sleeping pills). This was enough for Nidhi to guess that Mallika must have emptied the bottle in Nidhi’s plate. And that’s how Mallika’s real face was revealed. I just loved the scene in which Ashutosh bestowed a tight slap on Mallika and asked her to get out of his house and his life for ever.

So the Mallika drama is over now, or at least for the time being. (I said, “for the time being” because there is all probability that Mallika might play another evil trick.) So what’s the next drama that KTLK viewers are going to enjoy. Well, the answer is quite obvious, Anji-Ranganath marriage. Vishal Malhotra (who plays Dr Ranganath), while speaking to Telechakkar, confirmed that Anji-Ranganath marriage is the next big thing that the audience will enjoy. The Anji-Ranganath marriage is expected to be as lavish as was Nidhi-Ashutosh marriage. It’ll be interesting to see weather Anji-Ranganath married life will also becomes a part of the show’s story or not.

Meanwhile, a few day ago, another news was making rounds that Rohan (played by Karan Wahi) might return as he said in a casual interview that on the last day on the sets of KTLK the producers didn’t tell him that his role was over, so may be that was not actually the last day. Now if that happens, it’ll be like a role reversal for Nidhi and Ashutosh. Till now Nidhi had been bearing Mallika, now Ashutosh might have to bear Rohan.

So all KTLK fans stay tuned and keep watching KTLK to relish the Anji-Ranganath marriage sequence and to see if Rohan makes a come back or Mallika tries something even more wicked. And to cheer you up there is a good news that KTLK has been showing positive trends in TRPs. The average TRP of the show for the week ending on July 6 was 1.24.

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Mallika Returns, Drama Returns….Will TRP Also Return…?

Mallika Tattered Kuch Toh Log Kahenge

When Mallika married Jagan, I felt her role in the serial is over and she’d never come back and the serial would go off air after Nidhi and Ashutosh tie the knot. But when it was announced that the serial will continue, but will be shifted to the 11 PM slot, I was just wondering, what will the  writers do to keep the audience engaged even at an odd time slot. After the Nidhi-Ashutosh marriage sequence, which garnered a 1+ TRP, the show’s ratting points had started dropping again. The TRP of the show for the week ending on May 26 was just 0.76. So in order to perhaps reengage the audience and revive the drama in the story, the writers decided to play the Mallika triumph card. Mallika not only returned, but returned in a shocking avatar.

Dr Ashutosh encountered Mallika in a tattered condition when he was going to a hotel to get an ice-cream for Nidhi. She was very afraid and mentally unstable. So when Ashutosh asked her to come with him, she just ran away. And in an attempt to catch her, Ashutosh also suffered a mild accident and hurt his knee. This knee accident track was actually introduced just because Sharad Kelkar (who plays Ashutosh) recently underwent a knee surgery and therefore needed some rest. Coming back to the story, Ashutosh then asked Nidhi to find Mallika from anywhere. Despite her friend Anji’s advice that she should forget Dr Mallika, Nidhi not only helped Dr Mallika, but also admitted her to the Kotinis General Hospital. If the buzz in the entertainment media is to be believed, in the coming episodes it will be revealed that Mallika’s husband Jagan had physically tortured her, and there are also rumours that Mallika will suffer a memory loss.

Now that the show has almost the same characters that it had when it started (No Armaan, No Rohan), it’ll be very interesting to see what impact can Mallika’s re-entry make on the show’s TRPs.

On a related note, Sony has now gone HD; so you can now enjoy the romantic AshNi moments crystal clear in High Definition.