Sunday, 29 April 2012

Ashutosh and Nidhi Get Engaged,……But Is Rohan the New Mallika Now…?

Ashutosh and Nidhi EngagementFinally after after a lot of struggle that they did to convince Nidhi’s family, Dr Ashutosh and Dr Nidhi Verma got engaged. Lets just recapitulate what we saw in the last few episodes. Rohan confessed that he had fallen in love with Nidhi. While, Col. Verma, Dadi Bua, and all other family members were happy to learn that, Nidhi felt very distressed on coming to know that her best friend, whom she trusted the most has fallen in love with her, knowing that she is already in a relationship with Dr Ashutosh. To come out of this stressful situation Nidhi decided to go Europe. It was not made clear weather she was going just for a period of time for introspection or to permanently settle down there. Well whatever, this proposed Europe trip made me nostalgic of the golden initial episodes of the show, when Nidhi was going Europe for a one month tour with her baba, and then an unknown force (her love for Dr Ashutosh) kept her from going. Anyways, coming back to the current story, Dr Mathur (Dr Ashutosh’s Baba and Nidhi’s Grandfather) also visited Nidhi’s place to talk to her father about the relationship of Nidhi and Ashutosh. There he encountered Col. Verma, with whom his daughter Nandani (or Guddi) had married, without caring about his approval of the relationship. Dr Mathur tried to convince Col. Verma not to commit a mistake, he himself had committed in the past by abandoning his daughter Nandani because she had married against his will. Here Dr Mathur also came to know that Dr Nidhi is his Granddaughter. Dr Mathur was perhaps successful to change the  Col. Verma’s heart. So, before Nidhi could board the flight to Europe, Col. Verma came to the scene and declared that he had no objection with her relationship with Dr Ashutosh. After Nidhi’s father’s approval of the relationship, both Nidhi and Ashutosh were on the ninth cloud. The very next day Col. Verma visited Ashutosh’s place to fix the date for the engagement ceremony. Rohan, who as the only person not happy about the relationship, tried to show the grey side of his character by hiding the engagement ring. But very soon he realised his mistake, and the engagement ceremony went on smoothly. Thus finally, the two lovebirds got engaged. But will they marry ? Will the wedding ceremony be completed as smoothly as the engagement ceremony ? Or will Rohan play some tricks ? Sharad Kelkar, who plays Ashutosh, recently told the media that, he can only confirm that Nidhi and Ashutosh will get engaged (they have engaged in fact), but refused to comment on weather they will marry or not.
Rohan (played by Karan Wahi) , these days, has become the most prominent character in the serial these days. This is because it is only up to Rohan, weather to allow Nidhi and Ashutosh’s marriage to go on, or to cause any hindrance. Lets see what Rohan does ? Will he play a new Mallika ?