Friday, 11 May 2012

Ashutosh Weds Nidhi….!

Ashutosh Weds Nidhi

After a lot of fuss and emotional drama, we finally witnessed the moment that we have been waiting for since the 3rd of October, when the show started. Dr Ashutosh and Nidhi are no longer just a Doctor and an intern or two disheartened lovers, they now share a very special relationship and are bound together in the divine institution that the world calls Marriage.

The special thing about the AshNi Marriage Ceremony was that it, in a way, revived the Indian traditions and rituals. While in most on-screen marriages, there is Disco Dance, DJ, Rock Band, etc., etc., but this marriage was performed as per Indian rituals and even for music, folk singer Malini Awasthi was chosen, who made a special appearance in Nidhi’s Haldi ceremony.   For me the best moment in the entire marriage proceedings was when Dr Ashutosh and Nidhi shook their legs on the “Piya O Re Piya” song. It was really a pleasure watch the couple dance.

Besides the AshNi marriage there is one more thing that every KTLK fan must know. From May 28, there will be no KTLK at 8 PM. No, the show is not going off air. The show will continue at 11 PM and only Mon-Thu (no episode on Friday). This is being done to perhaps make room for the new show “Byaah Hamari Bahu Kaa. This is not the first time that Sony has taken such a decision. In February also, there was a news that “Kuch Toh Log Kahenge” would be shifted to 11 PM slot as “Shubh Vivah” was expected to take the 8 PM slot. Sony even aired promos that “Kuch Toh Log Kahenge” is going to be shifted to 11 PM. But very soon the promos were taken off as the channel decided to continue the show at 8. But it is very  unlikely that Sony will take a U-Turn this time again. In a statement given to the Times Of India, show’s producer Rajan Shahi confirmed the news and also added that the move might prove beneficial for the show as the audience will now have an undivided time-slot to watch the show.

In a way, this news has come as a sigh of relief for KTLK lovers as it has put a break on the speculations that the new show “Byaah Hamari Bahu Kaamight completely replace KTLK. Though it is still replacing KTLK at the 8 PM slot, you can catch “Kuch Toh Log Kahenge” at 11. And even if you follow the “Early to bed, Early to rise….” philosophy, you can watch “Kuch Toh Log Kahenge” on Youtube or VideoChaska at the time of your will.