Thursday, 15 November 2012

Will Ashutosh and Nidhi Adopt Khushi…?

Khushi With Her Grandma

When Kuch Toh Log Kahenge started almost a year ago (3rd October 2011), it was a show about how a young intern at a hospital, who has just completed her M.B.B.S from a college, falls in love with a very stern and the senior most doctor of the hospital. It was many times referred to as the remake of the famous Pakistani TV Sitcom Dhoop Kinare. But if you watch the show today, you perhaps won’t believe that the concept of the show is borrowed from the veteran Pakistani show. Its no longer about two people with a substantial age gap, falling in love with each other. Rather, now its perhaps about how they manage their duties and responsibilities, both at home and at work, despite their age (rather generation) gap. In a recent episode of KTLK we saw, Nidhi talks to Ashutosh about legally adopting Khushi (the young girl who has been with them for quite a few days). Ashutosh then responds by saying that they should carefully think about every aspect before taking any such decision as Nidhi might need to sacrifice her career if they decide to take the responsibility of a child. Now this is an obvious problem that almost every couple with a substantial age gap faces.(By the way, this underlines how realistic the serial is ?). Nidhi on one hand is young and wants to concentrate on her professional goals, while Ashutosh has achieved all the heights in his life and this perhaps is the most appropriate time for him to have children.

Now it’ll be really very interesting to see what decision the couple takes; and if they adopt Khushi, how they (especially Nidhi) manage their responsibilities and duties. So Keep watching KTLK.