Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Couldn’t Ashutosh and Nidhi Adopt Khushi…?

Khushi (KTLK)

Dr Ashutosh and Nidhi were quite happy with keeping a little girl “Khushi”, but since the police couldn’t find her parents, she was sent to an orphanage and Ashutosh and Nidhi were deprived of the privilege of raising the girl. When Khushi was taken away from them by the authorities, they were missing her badly. Now an obvious question that comes to a viewer’s mind is couldn’t they adopt the girl to raise her legally ? In the story Nidhi had to talk to the Chief Minister of the state(whom the doctor couple had operated to save his life) to take the custody of the girl till the time the police finds her parents. Well isn’t it strange ? I’m not a lawyer, but as far as I know about the law of our country, as I’ve mentioned earlier, they could have also legally adopted the girl.

Well whatever, Khushi is now with AshNi and it’ll be very interesting to see how well the couple takes care of her, especially when she has already once annoyed Nidhi by her mischiefs. According to the media-buzz, now its Ashutosh’s turn to get upset with Khushi. In the coming episodes, Ashutosh and Nidhi will call Dadi bua to celebrate Navratri, but Khushi will annoy Dadi bua with her antics. Nidhi and Ashutosh will even try to stop her, but being a child she won’t listen to anyone.