Thursday, 12 July 2012

Mallika Exposed, What Next In KTLK…?

Nidhi Exposed Mallika

Mallika had long been enjoying living in Dr Ashutosh’s house as his best friend and that too under the nose of his beloved wife Nidhi in the pretext of being mentally ill ! But its all over now. Our Dr Nidhi is once again as happy, as cheerful and as bubbly as she used to be. In a thrilling episode of KTLK, that no KTLK fan could afford to miss (still if you missed, you can watch it here), Nidhi herself exposed Dr Mallika’s ill wills. Mallika had added poison in Nidhi’s food and fortunately enough for Nidhi, Anji called her on her phone just before she was about to eat that poisonous food and informed her that Mallika had ordered Sleeping pills from a medical store without providing any prescription. And when Nidhi searched for the pills in Mallika’s room, she found an empty bottle (of sleeping pills). This was enough for Nidhi to guess that Mallika must have emptied the bottle in Nidhi’s plate. And that’s how Mallika’s real face was revealed. I just loved the scene in which Ashutosh bestowed a tight slap on Mallika and asked her to get out of his house and his life for ever.

So the Mallika drama is over now, or at least for the time being. (I said, “for the time being” because there is all probability that Mallika might play another evil trick.) So what’s the next drama that KTLK viewers are going to enjoy. Well, the answer is quite obvious, Anji-Ranganath marriage. Vishal Malhotra (who plays Dr Ranganath), while speaking to Telechakkar, confirmed that Anji-Ranganath marriage is the next big thing that the audience will enjoy. The Anji-Ranganath marriage is expected to be as lavish as was Nidhi-Ashutosh marriage. It’ll be interesting to see weather Anji-Ranganath married life will also becomes a part of the show’s story or not.

Meanwhile, a few day ago, another news was making rounds that Rohan (played by Karan Wahi) might return as he said in a casual interview that on the last day on the sets of KTLK the producers didn’t tell him that his role was over, so may be that was not actually the last day. Now if that happens, it’ll be like a role reversal for Nidhi and Ashutosh. Till now Nidhi had been bearing Mallika, now Ashutosh might have to bear Rohan.

So all KTLK fans stay tuned and keep watching KTLK to relish the Anji-Ranganath marriage sequence and to see if Rohan makes a come back or Mallika tries something even more wicked. And to cheer you up there is a good news that KTLK has been showing positive trends in TRPs. The average TRP of the show for the week ending on July 6 was 1.24.