Thursday, 31 May 2012

Mallika Returns, Drama Returns….Will TRP Also Return…?

Mallika Tattered Kuch Toh Log Kahenge

When Mallika married Jagan, I felt her role in the serial is over and she’d never come back and the serial would go off air after Nidhi and Ashutosh tie the knot. But when it was announced that the serial will continue, but will be shifted to the 11 PM slot, I was just wondering, what will the  writers do to keep the audience engaged even at an odd time slot. After the Nidhi-Ashutosh marriage sequence, which garnered a 1+ TRP, the show’s ratting points had started dropping again. The TRP of the show for the week ending on May 26 was just 0.76. So in order to perhaps reengage the audience and revive the drama in the story, the writers decided to play the Mallika triumph card. Mallika not only returned, but returned in a shocking avatar.

Dr Ashutosh encountered Mallika in a tattered condition when he was going to a hotel to get an ice-cream for Nidhi. She was very afraid and mentally unstable. So when Ashutosh asked her to come with him, she just ran away. And in an attempt to catch her, Ashutosh also suffered a mild accident and hurt his knee. This knee accident track was actually introduced just because Sharad Kelkar (who plays Ashutosh) recently underwent a knee surgery and therefore needed some rest. Coming back to the story, Ashutosh then asked Nidhi to find Mallika from anywhere. Despite her friend Anji’s advice that she should forget Dr Mallika, Nidhi not only helped Dr Mallika, but also admitted her to the Kotinis General Hospital. If the buzz in the entertainment media is to be believed, in the coming episodes it will be revealed that Mallika’s husband Jagan had physically tortured her, and there are also rumours that Mallika will suffer a memory loss.

Now that the show has almost the same characters that it had when it started (No Armaan, No Rohan), it’ll be very interesting to see what impact can Mallika’s re-entry make on the show’s TRPs.

On a related note, Sony has now gone HD; so you can now enjoy the romantic AshNi moments crystal clear in High Definition.