Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Dr Ashutosh Meets His Baba…


Dr Ashutosh and Baba (Kuch Toh Log Kahenge)

In the last few episodes we saw that Dr Ashutosh’s Baba (Dr Mathur a.k.a. Alok Nath) is an Alzheimer's Patient at Jeevan Sandhya Nursing Home. And coincidently Dr Nidhi is the doctor who is looking after him there. Due to Alzheimer's, he does not remember anything about his past. One day he tries to remember something about his house, a blurred image just flashes and then disappears. Then he goes out with Dr Nidhi to try and find his house. And finally, amidst frightening thunderstorms they reach the same old house. Now Dr Nidhi understands that her patient is non other than her beloved Ashutosh’s Baba.

On the other hand Mallika tries to blackmail Ashutosh. She asks him to marry her to fulfil the promise that he had made when she gifted Baba’s house to him.

Well, that’s the story so far, but; Now What ? What can we expect in the coming episodes of KTLK ? Dr Ashutosh is sure to meet his Baba, as the scenes have been shot and will be aired in a couple of days. There are also reports that Dr Ashutosh will himself shave his Baba’s long beard. But, at the same time there are a number of side stories as well. Rohan has recently fallen in love with Dr Nidhi, Mallika has gifted the old house to Ashutosh and has taken all the credit, Nidhi and Ashutosh have taken pledge not to fall in love again, a new character Jagan has come all the way from US, and last but not the least, Angi-Ranganath story. It would be very interesting to see how Nidhi reacts when she gets to know that her best friend Rohan has fallen in love with her…?, and what will be Dr Ashutosh’s reaction when he will come to know that Sandeep Bakchi was Mallika’s agent…?

Whatever happens in the the future episodes, one thing good for the serial has already happened. Guess what… ? Our jolly and ever smiling Dr Nidhi has returned. Yes ! Dr Ashutosh’s Baba has been quite successful in making Nidhi feel happy. Recently, when she rushed to Dr Kotnis General Hospital to tell Dr Ashutosh that her Alzheimer's Patient (who is in fact Dr Ashutosh’s Baba) was a neurologist and might have an acquaintance with him, her entire body language (the way she barged into Dr Ashutosh’s cabin, started telling him about her patient and then took up the glass of water on his table, without feeling the need of any formalities) made me nostalgic of the good old days when Dr Nidhi Verma was working as an intern at Dr Kotnis General Hospital. I think the story makers have finally figured out what is actually beneficial for the show.

 That's all for now ! But stay in touch. I’ll be posting even more interesting buzz & trivia about the show.