Monday, 2 January 2012

The House Issue Comes Up In The New Year…


Dr Ashutosh with His BaBa

First of all a very Happy New Year to all KTLK fans. May this year bring prosperity in your life, and TRPs for our favourite show “Kuch Toh Log Kahenge”. The show has a New Year surprise for its viewers. The most interesting track of the drama (The House Track) has finally come into focus. But this sudden change in storyline, which was so far focusing on relationships and professionalism has received mixed views. Many of the viewers think that its too early to bring the House Issue into focus. In fact I’m also among those thinking so. May be the creative heads of the serial are doing so to muster TRPs ! Whatever you say, this track change has made the story even more gripping. But the big question is, What Next ? I guess Dr Mallika will be adding flavours to the story in the coming episodes. We’ve already seen that she is trying to convince his brother to cancel Col. Verma’s (Nidhi’s father’s) loan.

Mohnish Bahl (plays Dr Ashutosh) posted on his Facebook Page that he gave a few suggestions to the creative people behind the story of the serial.  Here is that post-:

“On a year end note, about KTLK, these are the suggestions I have put forth:
1. Try and logically bring Niddhi back to the hospital (as a doctor, not as a lunch delivery person) so that Ashutosh & Niddhi can be in the same environment they were before their realization. Then develop the subtle moments whenever they intentionally or unintentionally come across each other. All this keeping the medical part running concurrently to bring realism to everything. Interesting would have been if only Ranganath 'knew' about them and they did not know he knew etc etc. Mallika doesn't know (but now that's not possible) & is constantly trying to find out etc .... I felt the possibilities were endless considering my cv team is very capable. This would increase the maximum scenes to be between Ashu & NIddhi rather than Ashu & xyz .... or Niddhi & xyz....and more importantly, the process of falling in love, which has not been shown (atleast I have not seen it) could at least have become the process of discovering each other after admission of love....
2. If the above is not possible (for whatever reason), then have two/three good meaningful scenes between Ashu & Niddhi each episode. Where they talk to each other, about each other. The house thing should have come later. Good is more important than many....and those two scenes should be 'planned', like the Darga scene and the Mumbai convention where the entire sequences were shot properly with combined shots, two shots, masters shots for ambiance and close ups to emphasize the moments.
3. Develop the Anji Ranganath track....its interesting to see another couple.
4. I asked: Now that Rohan & Armaan have played their part (so to speak) in the Ashu Niddhi 'saga'...what next for them???? Do they simply go back to where they came from???
There was some other stuff which I did put forth, bit won't go into all that now. Also, please remember when you read the above, I am an actor, not a cv, hence I do not know the limitations faced by the cv....As an actor my thinking is programmed to perform according to a script provided to me, not created by me.
So take all of the above with a pinch of salt :))”

I totally agree with his suggestions. I was thinking about Nidhi’s coming back to the hospital on the day Dr Ashutosh & she confessed their love. In fact I became a fan of this serial because of its hospital setting only. I just loved to watch Dr Nidhi making stupid mistakes and Dr Ashutosh scolding her.

Anyways, lets wait & watch what happens next in this intensely interesting story. And once again a very Happy New Year.

That's all for now ! But stay in touch. I’ll be posting even more interesting buzz & trivia about the show.