Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Twist In The Tale…!


Dr. Ashutosh Looking At His Old House

If you think that everything will go through as easily as Dr. Ashutosh and Nidhi’s reunion, you are wrong for sure . As I mentioned in my last post, very soon we might see an announcement about Nidhi’s marriage with Rohan. But that’s not the only twist in this tale. In fact a number of twists and turns are waiting for the viewers to enjoy. (I don’t know weather you’ll enjoy or curse the writer for them!) Another twist that is in the pipeline is Nidhi coming to know that she owns Ashutosh’s Baba’s house. Will she tell Ashutosh the truth right away and gift the house to him ? (And if that happens, will Ashutosh love her even then ?) Another possibility is that Nidhi’s Baba might suffer a huge loss in business (due Mansukhani’s plan) and he might ask Nidhi to sell the house to the buyer who is willing to pay three times the market price of the house. In that situation will Nidhi take money from the man she loves (Dr. Ashutosh) ? And will she let Ashutosh know that truth ?

These are the things to look for in the coming episodes. Now, lets not talk about what may happen in coming episodes; lets relook at what has happened so far in the story. In my opinion the serial has been just fantastic so far. More than the story I liked the acting of the two leads, Mohnish Bahl & Kritika Kamra, and the way their characters were portrayed. One of Mohnish’s fans posted the following comment on his Facebook Page –:

“Ashu doesn’t seem like a ‘reel’ character. When I’m watching him, I don’t feel as if I’m watching someone on screen acting the part. He feels very real. He’s a well-defined character, not ‘flat’ like the usual characters on TV.
And aside from your excellent acting skills what makes him seem real are the mannerisms that you’ve attributed to him. The one hand in his pocket when he stands and talks, the nonchalant shrugging of the shoulders, the placing of the hand, or fingers against his cheek with head cocked to one side when he’s listening to someone.
All these small mannerism or quirks add to the depth f his character. What I want to know is how much of that is a conscious effort on your part and how much is just instinctive when you step into his shoes?”

I totally agree with this. In fact both Mohnish Bahl & Kritika Kamra are doing a great job. Media sources even say that all the actors of KTLK attended a kind of workshop before the show went on air. This was perhaps for the first time in the history of Indian Television that actors were made to attend an acting workshop.

Now I’m embedding here the video of the 26th December Episode. Yes ! its the Super-Duper hit episode in which the two lovers confessed their love to each other and shared some nice moments together.

Episode 61 (December 26) Ashutosh & Nidhi spend some time together.

I hope you’d have enjoyed the video.

So That's all for now ! But stay in touch. I’ll be posting even more interesting buzz & trivia about the show.