Saturday, 24 December 2011

And Finally They Did That…….


Dr. Ashutosh & Nidhi

After quite a long wait, at last it happened. Dr. Ashutosh and Nidhi, with the help of their friends, finally expressed their feelings(of love) for each other. The viewers of the show were very eagerly waiting for the moment to come.

Rohan and Arman used a rather filmy idea by telling Nidhi and  Dr. Ashutosh respectively to meet them at a fixed place, and they themselves didn’t turn up, leaving the two to have a face-off. As per the plan, Arman and Rohan drove Dr. Ashutosh and Nidhi to the meeting point. Both the parties got stuck in traffic because of a qawali performance happening at a Dargah that attracted a huge

crowd of people. Both Dr. Ashutosh and Nidhi were mesmerised by the sight and the former remembered his Baba who was fond of qawalis. They both decided to step out of their respective cars, started moving towards the singers and came face-to-face eventually. But before they could turn away, Arman prompted Ashutosh to confess his feelings to Nidhi this time and told her that Ashutosh loves her. Rohan too clarified that he is not Nidhi's boyfriend and that she only loves Ashutosh. The two lovers finally confessed love for each other as the qawali reached its crescendo.

Here is the video of 60th episode of the show, in which all the drama mentioned above happened –:


Episode 60, December 23

I hope you’d have enjoyed the video. Fantastic episode! Wasn’t it ? Well, now that all the important thing (confession of love) has happened, the big question is what will the story move around now ? You may click here to read one of my posts about the possibilities that may arise after the important confession. Anyways, the story’s been going pretty well so far.

That's all for now ! But stay in touch. I’ll be posting even more interesting buzz & trivia about the show.