Thursday, 15 December 2011

The Game That Destiny Plays…


Dr. Nidhi Verma

The 14th December episode of KTTLK highlights the fact that how far two lovers may go from each other, the destiny will never let them do so. They are set to meet again and again. Dr. Ashutosh goes to Mumbai to attend the National Medical conference. But he never knew that Dr. Nidhi who had just got a job as an intern in “City Centre Holy Hospital” (due to Ashutosh’s recommendation) will also be there to attend the sane conference. For me this was really one of the best episodes of the serial so far. The best part of the episode was when Dr. Ashutosh took the stage in the conference to deliver a speech and said something like this-:

Medical Science has provided us with a number of tools and methods to treat various ailments & diseases, but there are a few lessons that can not be learnt in a Medical college. Our life teaches these lessons. I learnt them from a junior intern of mine”

Nidhi was also there listening Ashutosh saying these lines in front a large audience of senior most doctors from all around the country.  Her eyes were in tears and a feeling of a kind of Nostalgic Love was clearly visible through them.

After watching this scene all that I could say was “Brilliant acting & scripting” . Now I’m eagerly waiting for the next episode. And you also keep watching this bitterly interesting TV Drama. If due to any reason you missed 14th December episode OR want to watch it again (I have watched it thrice), here’s the video:-

Episode 53 (14th December) {This is my favourite Episode)


Hope you enjoyed the video!

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