Tuesday, 20 December 2011

What will the story move around……?


Dr. Nidhi Verma

Whenever I am thinking about KTLK, a thought always comes to my mind, that is what’ll happen after both Dr. Ashutosh & Nidhi will come to know that they love each other ? Will they simply get married and settle down ? Or they will hesitate to accept their love in public ? (in that case the story will become a typical Romeo Juliet kind of drama) Or will that old house create some problems? (especially when Ashutosh’s Baba’s will come in and reveal the past connection between the two lovers) Or will the show become a typical soap opera ? Another possibility is that the show will go off air after that (I hope not so as I’m a big of of it).

In an interview Monish Behl (Dr. Ashutosh) ruled out any possibility of a typical household drama. In his words, “Neither Ashutosh nor Nidhi has a mother so there cannot be a Saas-Bahu drama. We’ll try to stretch this(Ashutosh and Nidhii’s love story) as much as possible”.

Now, that Nidhi has come to know (through Rohan) that Dr. Ashutosh also loves her, soon we might expect a reunion of the two lovers. But wait ! What about Dr. Ashutosh’s presumption that Nidhi has moved on and also has a boyfriend. (which is in fact wrong) ? And what about Ashutosh’s Baba and his old house ? The issue of the house is going to come up very soon as Mansukhani has made full planning to force Col. Verma and Nidhi to sell their house. So the next few episodes are going to be very interesting !


That's all for now ! But stay in touch. I’ll be posting even more interesting buzz & trivia about the show.