Friday, 2 December 2011

A Hospital Drama Or A Love Story ?


Kuch Toh Log Kahenge (36 edited)

      Someone who has watched only the promos of the show, would surely say that its about love, but the initial episodes are undoubtedly, more about a Hospital Drama, but as the serial progresses one will find that there is indeed something like  a love story, but there still remains a confusion, what the show is all about ? In KTLK’s lead actress Kritika Karma’s words its a mainly a love story of two people, who not only have a huge age difference (about 18 years), but also belong to two different generations; and the Hospital Drama merely serves as a backdrop to the love story.

                                                                                      I do not agree with Kritika on this point. I love the show, not because it presents a different kind of love story ! I like the show because I want to see how two people from different age groups, from totally different backgrounds, interact with each other. I like the show because of Dr. Nidhi’s bubbliness and Dr.Ashutosh’s strictness. I must say that I love this show, more because  of its backdrop of a hospital drama than its main theme of a love story.

                                                                                       Below is clip taken from the show that depicts very nicely how two seemingly very different people can get friendly while travelling in car on a rainy night.

Dr. Ashutosh & Dr. Nidhi get friendly.


                                                                                      So I would like request the producers of KTLK to keep the theme of the show concentrated on the interesting interaction and conversation between Dr. Ashutosh & Dr. Nidhi.

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