Wednesday, 14 December 2011

The Story Of Mr. Earrings….


Rohan (Karan Wahi), the new character introduced in the serial,Rohan has finally  succeeded to figure out what's going on in Nidhi’s life. In yesterday’s episode, Nidhi revealed to Rohan that she loves someone who is 18 years older than her. Just opposite to what was expected about Rohan’s role (that he & Nidhi will fall in love), he (at least for now) seems to be encouraging Nidhi to take her love-story forward. I think, the story writers are just waiting for the right time, they just want to stretch these interesting sequences as much as possible.

The latest promo of KTLK shows that both Nidhi & Dr. Ashutosh will go to Mumbai for some official work and meet their again. Will Ashutosh ask for forgiveness to Nidhi ? OR Will he insult her again ? Well , I am not the writer of this drama, so I can’t tell you what exactly is going to happen , but I think nothing very big (like Ashutosh coming to know that the girl who owns his  house is Nidhi ) is going to happen in the next few episodes at least. The simple reason for I am saying this is, any story-maker would like to stretch the things as much as possible.

So enjoy watching this gripping drama; & those who missed the last episode (13th December), here’s the video –:


Episode 52 (13th December)



That’s all  for now, but as I always say, stay in touch. I will be posting even more interesting trivia, buzz & updates about the show.