Monday, 12 December 2011

Two Confessions…..


Kuch Toh Log Kahenge (27)

Kuch Toh Log Kahenge (12)

Now when both Dr. Nidhi & Dr. Ashutosh have confessed their love for each other to their friends, the story has become somewhat different. While Dr. Ashutosh thinks Nidhi’s affection for him is just an infatuation, Nidhi is completely unaware about Dr. Ashutosh’s feelings about her. In a sense, she hates Dr. Ashutosh, but there’s still a feeling of affection (for Dr. Ashutosh) in her heart. This becomes evident when she stops her “BaBa” from speaking anything against Dr. Ashutosh. 

Both Nidhi & Dr. Ashutosh shared their their feelings about each other with their friends. And coincidently,  in both the confession scenes it was raining ! But there was also a big difference in two love acknowledgements.  After acknowledging her love for Dr. Ashutosh, while Nidhi was looking forward to get into a relationship with him, Dr. Ashutosh did just the opposite. Their friends are also playing the opposite roles in their lives. Armaan wants Ashutosh to complete his Love –Story while Angi wants Nidhi to forget about Dr. Ashutosh.

After these two Super-Hit Love Confessions, its become very interesting to see, how will the two lovers unite again. Will Armaan succeed to convince Ashutosh to tell Nidhi that he loves her ? Or will it be Dr. Ashutosh’s old house that will pave the way for the two lovers to meet ? And if that happens, Will they remain lovers ? These are the questions whose answers we will discover in the coming episodes of the show.

Here are the videos of the episodes in which the two lovers acknowledged their love.

Nidhi reveals her love for Dr. Ashutosh


Dr. Ashutosh confesses his love for Nidhi


I hope that you’d have enjoyed the videos. Both of these were two of the most interesting episodes of the show. (By interesting I don’t mean that these were the best episodes; as I have written in my earlier posts, for me the best thing about the show is the chemistry that Dr. Ashutosh & Nidhi share and the way they interact with each other.)

What to look for in the coming episodes ?

  • Will Armaan convince Ashutosh to complete his Love Story ?
  • Will Mansukhani compel Col. Verma to sell the Old House ?
  • Will Nidhi develop a relationship with Rohan ?
  • What tricks will Mallika try ? 

These questions will form the base of the story in the coming episodes. It will be also interesting to see, what additional methods, the writer uses to make the story even more gripping.


That's all for today ! But stay in touch. I’ll be posting even more interesting buzz & trivia about the show.