Thursday, 1 December 2011




               Started on 3rd October on Sony TV, Kuch Toh Log Kahenge was expected to be a super-duper hit, considering the success that the show “Dhoop Kinare” had received in Pakistan. If you haven't read  much about KTLK and don't know the story-line of Dhoop Kinare, you must be  wondering what is the relation between the two. In fact KTLK’s story is based on a Pakistani TV serial, “Dhoop Kinre” that was aired on PTV about 25 years back. It received huge success.

               But, KTLK, according to some Media reports got only one Television Rating Point at 8 PM (the time at which it is aired for the first time). However, the show has performed better(in fact the best, when compared to other TV serials) During its repeat telecast with two TVR points. Never, before in India has a TV serial performed better during the repeat telecast that the actual time of  its airing.

               I feel. Kuch Toh Log Khenge is a fantastic TV serial, its got something that makes it different from other soaps and sitcoms. Its neither a total soap nor a total sitcom (the Pakistani version of the show “Dhoop Kinare” was regarded a sitcom by most of the reviewers). Its got a very nice blend of naughtiness and emotions. Dr. Nidhi Verma (a lead character in the show) is young, bubbly charming girl; but that does not at all means that she is an emotionless modern girl. That makes her a perfect character. Dr. Ashutosh another lead in the story is shown as a very strict surgeon. He is sometime nicknamed as Dr. Hardstone by other doctors. But he did not used to be so. His “BaBa” who had taken care of him (as he was an orphan), one day suddenly left him alone in this merciless world. This incidence made Dr. Ashutosh loose trust in any relation. So now he doesn't want to indulge in any relationship with anybody. That's  the reason that he has not married yet (at 42).

                                            Dr. Nidhi & Dr. Ashutosh

                   I hope that the above introduction of two of the leads of the serial would have made believed that its got something different. If you want to learn even more about the story, you may just click here. And, if you don't know much about the show and want to watch all the episodes online. you may click here.

              At last, I would like to just request you to at least give a try to this fabulous show. I'm sure, you'll like it. You can watch it on Sony TV at the following timings-:

  • Monday to Friday    -            12 Noon, 3 PM, 8 PM & 11 PM
  • Saturday                   -             3 PM (5 back to back episodes)


               The purpose of this blog is to popularise the show. I will be posting reviews,statistics and other interesting trivia about the show on this blog time to time. And of course reader’s comments are most welcomed.