Sunday, 18 December 2011

Friends In Deed…


Nidhi with AngiSometimes I just envy Dr. Ashutosh & Dr. Nidhi for the kind of friends they have in their lives! Whenever anything exciting or new happens in Nidhi’s life, she can’t help sharing it with Anji. From love to career , everything she shares with her. Its also not that its a one way friendship. Always, unfailingly Nidhi gets a positive response from Anji. However, at times they also disagree, and even have a sweet fight; but that's all part & parcel a healthy relationship.

Similarly Dr. Ashutosh also has his friend, Armaan, who always want to see Ashutosh happy. He not only helps him acknowledge his love for Nidhi, but also he’s become a kind of “Love Guru” for Ashutosh & trying his best to unite him with Nidhi again. Dr. Ashutosh with ArmaanThough he is person of very different nature, he understands his friend’s feelings very well. It didn’t take him a minute to Figure out that Ashutosh is in love.

All this seems to be fantastic, in fact it is ! How nice would it be if in this selfish world, we could find solace in our friendship and could share all types of experiences, good or bad, with him/her. Do such friends exist in real life ? May be, but I they are very rare for sure !

With a hope that you also find  a true friend in your life, I would like to conclude here.

But stay in touch. I’ll be posting even more interesting buzz & trivia about the show.